GameCity Updates.

"GameCity has been bought to you today by the letters A, B, X, Y Up, Down and Select. GameCity is a Production of the Childrens Animation Workshop"

SYF have been at GameCity Festival all week, schmoozing with the greatest creative minds in the games industry and occasionaly humiliating ourselves in public forums. Between all this we even found time to run a three day, LEGO animation workshop. Kids from around Nottingham have been dropping by all week, to build giant models and learn the animation craft. In turn, their work has been showing on giant screens around Nottingham as part of the festivals LEGO Rock Band events.

We are proud to be able to show you today, the work of these young artists, many of whom took naturally to the craft and could be left to their own devices after just a couple hours. To find out more about the events and to see more pictures of the workshops, visit the Gamecity site as well as their Flickr stream.