Because we're much cooler than you, SYF have been making the video for the first single from London's hottest new band, Ipso Facto. Harmonise is officially released next month from Disc Error Recordings, but we are proud to present you with the video from today.

The piece is modeled loosely on the final act of the 1929 G.W Pabst classic Die B├╝chse der Pandora (Pandora's Box) starring the iconic Louise Brooks - which when you look at the band, is hardly a massive leap of logic.

If you have a Myspace account (which you do, because you're on the internet) you can view some behind the scenes photos here, courtesy of the bands art director Ciaran O'Shea.

Meanwhiles, you can enjoy the production stills included in this post, and take your pick of how you want to enjoy the full video:

HQ versions available on the Disc Error site, where you can also buy the single, or by clicking the Youtube version below. Plus extra HQ version here.

The video was directed by me (Tony Mines), the DP as always was Tim Drage, with additional editing from Alec Rossiter and make up by Sophie Knock. Special thanks go out to Molinare and Tandem Films for use of their facilities.