Anchor, Great Escape

Currently running on UK television, and probably elsewhere, is a new Anchor Butter commercial I directed with Tandem Films. In the tradition of out LEGO work, the piece is another classic film remake, but this time using hand animated fuzzy felt pieces.

Thrill as the funny cow follows the famous journey of Steve McQueen in this shot-for-shot remake of the Great Escape sequence. Imbedded below is the HD (720p) version from our Youtube channel. Click at the base to watch full screen (let it run in for slower speeds). Enjoy!

I.T Kwando

Hey nerds! A while ago I created the graphics and animations for this game produced by Errorware for HP. The game uses traditional pixel art and is modeled on 16bit console fighters like Final Fight, but transposed to an ordinary office setting. I meant to blog this one ages back and I'm pleased to say that in that time the game has garnered nearly 1million plays. You can help push it over that mark by visiting or playing below.

Animar Exhibition, February 14th

If anyone is reading this in Portugal, you might want to pop along to the Animar exhibition on the 14th February, where Tim and I will be showcasing our LEGO films in person. For all the people who email us asking how we do out thing, I put together a little making-of piece for the exhibition, a preview of which you can now watch below and on our Youtube Channel. Click the tag for HQ.

Since Youtube have started upgrading their video settings, we have be posting a selection of new HQ and HD material up there in the coming weeks, including more behind the scenes material - so please go have an explore.