Learn Em'

We're the featured video on the front page of Myspace today. And you're not.

Learn Em' is the new single from electro wrongens The Errorplains, and the music video there of, is directed by me.

The video is modeled around the old Nintendo Game and Watch© not us, the 1980's. All Rights Reserved series of hand held games, a decision reached mostly because it just looks cool, but also because of the tight schedule. The aim of the project, for us, was really to see how far we could take the idea of 2-frame animation. To try and relate a whole story, with action sequences (of a sort) using what should probably be too few frames to even create persistence of vision.

So anyway, go watch it on Myspace now, or find the HQ version on our Youtube channel, and let the world know what you think.

Here or here.