New Python Material

As previously reported, the recent surprise demise of high-quality video host site Stage6, left the SYF site with a few dead video links. Stage 6 was an enormously useful tool to the online film maker, as it provided one with a convenient and immediate way to distribute video of an acceptable broadcast quality, to journalists and festival runners as required. The site will also be particularly missed by SYF because our films were amongst the most popular content there. All the same, its demise provided SYF with an opportunity to revise its online catalogue from scratch, remastering many of our older films from original source material - so now all our links are not only fixed, but they provide the best quality versions of our films ever seen.

Not only that, but as a taster of things to come, we're providing a new collection of promotional images for out Python movie, which journalists and webmasters are free to use, provided the appropriate credits and links are included. Click on the previews below to view larger images.

Finally on a related note, a special thanks also to the Guardian Guide, who gave us a shout out in last Sundays issue.