Winter Update

First post in far too long again, and lots of bits and bobs we neglected to mention. First up a highly successful weekend at the aforementioned Animar Exhibition in Portugal, further work-related travel exploits in Morocco and Mallorca, and an appearance on ABC.
The main news today though is a full re-haul of the SYF website, which now contains a comprehensive and easily navigated library of our best work. This blog has also been reskinned, which represents a change of tact in post policy from here on in. Until now, we have mainly been using the blog for self-serving press announcements, but from today it's going to be more about self-defeating polemic, as it becomes a source for broad musings on the state of modern animation. I have a number of broad reaching essays I've been writing, that will start to raise their ugly heads over the coming weeks. So look forward to that. We're called Spite Your Face for a reason.