Oblogatory First Posting

Hello, and welcome to the official Spite Your Face blog. My name is Tony Mines, one of the Directors of SYF, and in these pages I'll be keeping you up to date with news of our activities. There might be behind-the-scenes info coming up, or it might turn into a production diary, with new projects in the works. We'll all have to wait and see.

At the same time, this will also be my own personal blog and I'll be posting up new illustrations, and some musings on animation in general.

So why blog?

People who know me are probably wondering "why on earth is he wasting his time blogging?", and people who don't know me are probably asking "who are you anyway?"
Of course, that's assuming anyone ever reads this at all.

I guess the answer to both of those is that it's an inevitability. Its inevitable because I'm an opinionated big mouth, and it's inevitable because the whole animation industry seems to revolve around blogs lately. I know that I, for one, read several blogs regularly - like Amid Amidi's excellent news source Cartoon Brew, Benjamin Ettingers AniPages Daily , and of course there's that bastard son of a thousand maniacs John K. This to say nothing of the blogs of good friends like David Freedman, Jay Smith and those crazy hipsters at Errorware. So who are The SYF to stand in the way of the blog revolution?